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Tales from the Edge

In our services this month, we’ve had the opportunity to hear some great stories from Valley Ranchers who have moved out of the comfortable middle and stepped out in faith toward “The Edge.”  We will share one more live story in this Sunday’s service, but we still have more we want to tell!  So, look below to check out more “Tales From the Edge.”

lynn_acostaTales from the Edge:  Lynne

“About nine years ago, I felt I was at a crossroads in my life. My husband Bob and I were approaching the milestone of our 25th wedding anniversary. Raising four children very close in age had kept me busy to the point of exhaustion, but my children were grown now. I began to ask God, “What’s next for me?””  Read more about Lynne’s Tale from the Edge by clicking here.

molly_rockwellTales from the Edge:  Molly

“Ever since I could talk, I’ve felt called to entertain people. As an introvert with extreme stage fright, this was a very conflicting dream for me. I’ve had several opportunities throughout my life to pursue a career in music, but I have run in fear every time . . . A little over a year ago, I auditioned for and was accepted into a training program known as Actors, Models, and Talent for Christ.”  Read more about Molly’s Tale from the Edge by clicking here.

susan_rutledgeTales from the Edge:  Susan

“My path to becoming a counselor, specifically one specializing in helping married couples, began more than thirty years ago in college . . . I was involved in a Bible study with women from VRBC, and we were studying a book called Women Who Do Too Much . . . She explained that for every person who signs on to live as God’s person in God’s Kingdom here on earth, there is a Kingdom job to do and a Kingdom place to do it.”  Read more about Susan’s Tale from the Edge by clicking here.