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Strategy and Structure

We desire to equip and mobilize our church to go and serve for the purpose of
helping people outside the walls find and follow Jesus Christ.

/files/HOME/SERVING/witness picture_1.jpgWe will do this through:

Investing in People and Communities.

We will prioritize opportunities that provide interpersonal connection and build relationships of love and trust. We will strive to make disciples rather than converts. We will seek to move beyond charity to development, affirming the dignity of people, motivating them, and empowering them to develop a sustainable way of life.

Holistic Ministry.

We will pursue a holistic approach to ministry that is concerned with the whole person. This includes the spiritual, social, economic, political, cultural, emotional, physical, moral, judicial, educational and familial issues of each person.

Living Missionally.

Sent by Jesus, we will live out our faith in the community and around the world, rather than being dependent upon attracting people to our building. We will live as God’s ambassadors as we go about our daily lives and by intentionally going where we would not otherwise go.


Whenever possible, we will work through existing local and global community leaders and organizations. We will form complementary relationships with those who share similar faith, values, purpose, or needs.

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VRBC’s missions structure provides many volunteer opportunities. Our efforts are focused in seven strategic partnerships for long-term, sustainable impact. If you are interested in serving on a Missions Partnership Team to coordinate missions efforts in one of these areas or as a Missions Representative for your ABF, please contact Amy Wilkins at