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Staff and Committee Roles & Responsibilities

Church Staff (Ministerial and Administrative)

The Church Staff serves in conjunction with the Church Council, Deacons, Committees, and church members to fulfill the church’s mission & ministries.

Committees & Ministry Support Teams

The purpose of committees is to facilitate certain actions and ministries of the Church.  There shall be two types of committees:

Standing Committees – Standing committees have ongoing tasks and their members are elected to serve annually.
The following committees shall serve the Church according to their stated purpose:

  • Ministry Placement Team
  • Personnel Committee
  • Finance Committee

Special Committees – Special committees may be formed by the Church Council for a specific purpose and are disbanded when that purpose is accomplished  Examples of such committees include the building steering committee, the strategic planning committee or the Bylaws revision committee.

Ministry Support Teams – Ministry Support Teams such as missions leadership, stewardship, weekday pre-school operations, family ministries, scholarship, and others may be utilized at the discretion of Church Council and Church Staff to help facilitate ongoing ministry.