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Deliver groceries to the elderly

Deliver groceries to the elderly

Would you like to serve? Are you looking for a low risk opportunity? Then, this is the perfect one for you! We are seeking committed volunteers who can serve the elderly in a special way.  Seniors enrolled in the CCA Golden Angels program rely on Meal Delivery teams of two to deliver weekly groceries and a boxed lunch to them on Monday mornings.  Some volunteers choose to deliver by themselves.  We recommend two to make it easier and fun for you but you are welcome to come alone.  Shifts are at 10am.  

Deliveries are contact free, which makes it safe for you and the senior citizen.  Groceries are placed in your vehicle trunk by other volunteers at the food pantry through a drive thru method.  You obtain about 3-6 addresses to deliver groceries.  Once you arrive, you take the groceries to the doorstep and ring the door bell.  The senior will wait until you leave before they come out to pick up the items from the doorstep.

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