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Recommended Reading List

The Missions Leadership Team reads books together, one per quarter, to learn more about missions and to stay current on trends and best practices. We hope you will join with us! Below are some brief reviews of books we have read recently. Some are an easy read; others are more academic. But all of them have benefitted our strategy and partnerships in some way. We hope these reviews will pique your interest so that you will want to read some of them as well.

You can click the book image to see how you can purchase each book, and click the link below the book to read our book review (as available).

 /files/Documents/Missions/Book Reviews/CenterChurch.jpg

/files/Documents/Missions/Book Reviews/Half the Sky.jpg

/files/Documents/Missions/Book Reviews/Barefoot Church.jpg

/files/Documents/Missions/Book Reviews/Almost Christian.jpg

/files/Documents/Missions/Book Reviews/Humilitas.jpg

  /files/Documents/Missions/Book Reviews/Necessary Endings.jpg

  /files/Documents/Missions/Book Reviews/Missional Communities.jpg

/files/Documents/Missions/Book Reviews/The Clashing World of Economics and Faith.jpg

  /files/Documents/Missions/Book Reviews/Generous Justice.jpg

/files/Documents/Missions/Book Reviews/Restoring At-Risk Communities.jpg

  /files/Documents/Missions/Book Reviews/The Hole In Our Gospel.jpg

Book Review

/files/Documents/Missions/Book Reviews/Ministries of Mercy.jpg

  /files/Documents/Missions/Book Reviews/The Power of Asset Mapping.jpg

Book Review

  /files/Documents/Missions/Book Reviews/Serving As Senders Today.jpg

  /files/Documents/Missions/Book Reviews/Radical.jpg

Book Review

/files/Documents/Missions/Book Reviews/When Helping Hurts.jpg

Book Review

  /files/Documents/Missions/Book Reviews/Mission Trips That Matter.jpg

/files/Documents/Missions/Book Reviews/Missional Church.jpg

Book Review

/files/Documents/Missions/Book Reviews/Serving With Eyes Wide Open.jpg

  /files/Documents/Missions/Book Reviews/Churches That Make a Difference.jpg

Book Review

  /files/Documents/Missions/Book Reviews/The Next Christendom.jpg

/files/Documents/Missions/Book Reviews/Everybody Wants to Change  the World.jpg

 /files/Documents/Missions/Book Reviews/Nickel and Dimed.jpg Book Review

/files/Documents/Missions/Book Reviews/Perspectives on the World Christian Movement.jpg

/files/Documents/Missions/Book Reviews/Just Courage.jpg

 /files/Documents/Missions/Book Reviews/Let the Nations Be Glad.jpg

/files/Documents/Missions/Book Reviews/More Ready Than You Realize.jpg

/files/Documents/Missions/Book Reviews/The Externally Focused Church.jpg