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The Passion Project


During the forty days leading up to Easter, we are inviting every VRBC attender to take part in The Passion Project. Acknowledging that each of us is under construction, the purpose of this project is to allow God to continue His work in us by spending time individually and as a church family to intentionally prepare for the upcoming Easter celebration. Participation in some or all of The Passion Project initiatives will help us to remember Jesus’ PASSION and to commit to the PURSUIT of Him together.  Please take some time individually or as a family to review the project outline below and commit to joining in!



  • Read: Follow one of the Scripture Reading Plans listed below
  • Pray: Pray daily during this season that God would help you see Jesus more clearly and follow Him more passionately. We also invite you to join us for our Sunday morning prayer time at 8:00 am any Sunday morning during this season in the Prayer Chapel (located upstairs on the east end of the lobby in Room 241).
  • Fast: Develop more dependence on God by temporarily giving up something that you value so that you can focus more on God. For example, you might choose to give up Facebook or Netflix during this season and spend that time reading or praying. Or you might fast from one lunch each week and take that time to reflect on Jesus’ sacrifice for you.


  • Engage: Participate in our weekly worship services and Grow Groups, where we will focus on Jesus and the cross. Attend the “Table to the Cross” service at 7:00 pm on Thursday, April 13th.
  • Serve: Participate in a “30 for 30” serve project with your Grow Group and/or participate in an “Explore Serve” opportunity that reflects Jesus’ sacrifice. Lots of great options are available at 
  • Invite: Pray about who you will invite to our Easter service and/or who you will have in your home during this season. Ask God to bring to mind someone who is different from you or doesn’t know Jesus.



  • “Lent For Everyone”: In this plan, there is a daily reading from the gospel of Matthew, plus a reflection by N.T. Wright. You can find it online by clicking here. Or, you can get it directly on your phone through the “Youversion” Bible app. Just click on “Plans” and search for “Lent For Everyone.”
  • “Preparing Our Hearts for Easter”: This plan is written by Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York (Tim Keller’s church) and includes daily Scripture readings and a devotional.  You can find it online by clicking here, or you can get it directly on your phone through the “Youversion” Bible app.  Click on “plans” and search for “Preparing Our Hearts for Easter.”





On the evening of Maundy Thursday, April 13, we will follow Jesus through the last twenty-four hours of His life . . . from the Last Supper table all the way to the cross. This reflective service will be held at 7:00 pm in the Worship Center.

Maundy Thursday is a meaningful time to focus on the sacrifice Jesus Christ made on our behalf and a wonderful way to prepare your heart for the joy of Easter morning. We hope you can join us.

Children’s ministry will be provided for preschool children.


APRIL 16 AT 9:00 AM AND 10:30 AM

Join us in celebrating the resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ on Easter Sunday, April 16. Worship services will be held at 9:00 am and 10:30 am. We’ll have Kids Worship! for our elementary school kids (kindergarten through fifth grade) and a great preschool program for kids birth through five years old for both services. Please be in prayer about who you might invite to attend Easter Sunday service with you this year. We look forward to sharing this joyous occasion with you and your guests!