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New this year!

One of our Christmas Store goals has always been that every guest hears the good news of Jesus. We want to do that in a way that is truly good news, shared in a non-threatening, inviting manner. So here’s the change: Every guest will attend a small group Welcome Session when they arrive. We’ll thank them for coming, let them know what to expect, share the good of news of Jesus, and extend invitations to the great ministries the church offers for their family. This will be led by VRBC leaders on Friday for our local guests, and by Cornerstone leaders on Saturday for our South Dallas guests. That means that the GPS role is changing. GPS stands for Guide, Pray, Serve—it’s the person who walks around with the guest. The primary role for a GPS this year is to develop a friendship, and to enjoy a special prayer time with them in the sanctuary at the end. Friendship and prayer—everyone can do this! Here’s what we hope for: we hope that everyone who serves at the Christmas Store—whether as a GPS or gift wrapper, or anything else—will find opportunities to share, as the Holy Spirit leads, how Jesus makes a difference in their life.