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Valley Ranch Baptist Preschool


Due to the global health crisis, Valley Ranch Baptist Preschool has been operating in a virtual mode during the Fall of 2020.  Our “In-Person” preschool will resume in January 2021.   We will continue to offer a “Hybrid” option as well.

The mission of Valley Ranch Baptist Preschool is to partner with parents to plant seeds of faith in preschoolers.

    • The weekday program is a planned ministry of Valley Ranch Baptist Church.
    • We offer a Christian environment equipped to stimulate early lifehood growth and development.
    • To foster a positive self image, activities are planned to encourage each child’s acceptance of his own talents and abilities and the talents and abilities of others.
    • We encourage a child’s spiritual growth with a curriculum based on Biblical principles.

Virtual Preschool Tour

Click on the video below to take a “virtual” tour with us!

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