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Grow Group FAQs


What’s a Grow Group?

A Grow Group is a group of 10 to 20 people who meet together each week to grow to be more like Jesus. They do this by focusing on three things: 1) digging into God’s Word, 2) building true friendships, and 3) training for our mission.

When and where do Grow Groups meet?

Grow Groups meet at various times throughout the week, including Sunday mornings and several evenings. Some groups meet at VRBC, and others meet in homes and apartments around Coppell and Valley Ranch. You can find a detailed listing of times and locations at

What happens in a Grow Group meeting?

Grow Group meetings usually begin with refreshments and some time to catch up with each other. A facilitator leads in a Bible-based discussion of the message from that week’s worship service, focusing mainly on how it applies to our lives. Finally, the group spends time praying together. Meetings usually last about 75-90 minutes.

I don’t know much about the Bible. Is that ok?

Absolutely! All of us are at different points along our spiritual journey, and that is totally ok. In fact, it makes our discussions more interesting. And don’t worry – no one will ask you any hard Bible questions. Since we’ll be talking about a sermon most people in the group have heard, everyone can participate in the discussion, regardless of how much (or little) you know.

I’m single – is there a place for me?

Absolutely! All our groups (except re|engage) are open to both married and unmarried adults.

Do groups do anything outside of the meeting time?

Each group schedules at least one fun outing and one service opportunity each session. Some groups also plan other informal get-togethers for those who are interested.

Do Grow Groups meet all year?

Each Grow Group meets for 10-14 weeks, depending on the semester. We have sessions in the Fall, Spring, and Summer, with a break of about a month between each session. Sign-ups are held during the month before each session begins, but if you start attending VRBC in the middle of a semester, you are welcome to join up whenever you are available.

What if I don’t connect with the group I sign up for?

Since each group only meets for 13 weeks, you have three opportunities per year to try different groups to find one that fits well. While we’d encourage you to stick with a group through the entire session, if you have trouble connecting with the group you signed up for, let us know and we’ll help you find one that works for you.

Why should I join a Grow Group?

Being in a Grow Group is a great way to deepen your relationship with Jesus, develop meaningful friendships with others, and discover the unique mission that God has given you. It will help you grow and have fun at the same time!

How do I join a Grow Group?

There are three easy ways to join a group (pick one):

  • Use the VRBC App (available wherever you get your apps) and click “Grow”
  • Sign up online at
  • Fill out a Connection Card in one of our services during the promotion month. Just fill in your name, contact information, and the group you want to sign up for and drop it in the offering bucket.