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Deacon Roles & Responsibilities


What is the role of a Deacon?

Deacons are Christian servants who are asked by the Church to nurture and care for the Church Body.

What are the selection criteria for deacons?

Deacons chosen by members should be Christian servants and role models with exhibited spiritual gifts that lend to, among others, shepherding, care, and mercy. Guidelines for Deacons are based primarily on Acts 6: 1-6 and I Timothy 3: 8-13. The scriptures are interpreted in light of the total message of the Bible. We do not believe that women or divorced persons should be excluded from service as a Deacon.

What are the specific responsibilities of deacons?
  • Deacons shall serve in all humility to:
  • Pray, nurture, and care for every individual member and regular attendee of the Church
  • Maintain the unity and integrity of the Church through their representation of and work in the Adult Bible Fellowships (ABFs) and connected Small Groups of the Church
  • Provide discipleship training and development in support of such ABFs and connected Small Groups
  • Provide guidance and direction to the prayer ministry of the Church
  • Perform the ordinances in support of Church Staff
  • Assist in consultation with Church Staff, with conflict resolution where appropriate