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COVID-19 Serve Opportunities


During this time of uncertainty, there are many ways to be a good neighbor in our community. Below are a few ideas.



  • Write encouraging words or Scriptures on cards and leave for neighbors, co-workers, or others in your community.
  • Use sidewalk chalk to write notes and draw pictures on a neighbor’s driveway to thank them for being an awesome neighbor or to celebrate their birthday.
  • Offer free babysitting to a family in your neighborhood to give them time to work or have a break.
  • Help support your local food pantry. Host a virtual food drive via social media, so that food pantries can get what they need to serve hungry families during this time. For VRBC partners, consider helping Metrocrest Services or Cornerstone Kitchen.
  • Check in on any elderly in the neighborhood. Ring their doorbell and keep a safe distance (at least six feet).
  • Go for a walk and clean up the trash in the neighborhood.
  • Be present outdoors. You can practice your social distancing skills.


  • Leave notes with neighbors letting them know you can help with shopping or dropping off food. Here’s a PDF you can download and print from home.
  • Use this time to place a phone call, not a text, to someone and offer positive encouragement.
  • Reach out with any kind of generosity offer. Use the Nextdoor app to see others’ needs in your neighborhood (e.g., drugstore and grocery trips, childcare, and food needs).
  • Post positivity on social media. Now is your time to post encouragement and hope!
  • Take a neighborhood walk and greet people while practicing social distancing (i.e., do not shake hands). They are more ready to talk right now.
  • When someone shares anxiety, fear, or sickness, ask if you can pray for them. Be brief! Use common language.
  • Consider supporting local businesses by purchasing gift cards that can be gifted to someone in need or used at a later time. Many small businesses are trying to support their employees or keep business afloat.
  • Drop off gift cards anonymously to someone needing encouragement. If they live further away, send eGift cards