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COVID Precautions – Worship

In this unique time in our history, there is a wide range of opinions about what types of gatherings are safe and what kinds of precautions should be taken. Churches throughout the country are responding in a variety of ways, so you might wonder what goes into our decision process about what we will and won’t do during this season. It is definitely a complicated process, but we’re relying on a few guiding principles:

  • Jesus tells us that the most important thing we can do is love God and to love our neighbor. We want to do that well.
  • We will listen carefully to the medical experts and scientists who are working to contain the virus. Based on their guidance, we will meet outdoors rather than indoors when possible, maintain social distancing and require mask usage when indoors or when social distancing isn’t possible.
  • We will pay attention to the trend of positive cases in Dallas County and in our community and respond accordingly.
  • We will prayerfully consider all of these factors as we discern how best to accomplish the mission God has given us in this season.

If you have further questions about our COVID precautions, please contact John Hewlett at  Thanks!