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Church Council Roles & Responsibilities

Church Council

What is the role of the Church Council?

The role of the Church Council is to assess and shape strategic and long-term direction, evaluate Church doctrine, protect church unity and oversee administrative functions of the church.

Who is on Church Council?

Six at-large church members selected by the church and the Senior Pastor.

What are the selection criteria for Church Council members?

Church Council members chosen by the church Body should be Christian servants and role models with exhibited spiritual gifts that lend to, among others, leadership, wisdom, and administration.  Guidelines for the qualifications for Church Council are based primarily on Acts 6: 1-6 and I Timothy 3.  The scriptures are interpreted in light of the total message of the Bible. We do not believe that women or divorced persons should be excluded from service on Church Council.

What are the specific responsibilities of Church Council?
  • Pray over and protect Church unity, taking into consideration feedback from the Members of the Church and its employees.
  • Assess and shape the strategic and long-term direction of the Church by reviewing and consulting on ministry goals and objectives.
  • Serve as an advisor to the Senior Pastor on evaluating and implementing Church doctrine.
  • Oversee administrative functions of the Church.
  • Administer duties as set forth in other Articles of the Bylaws.