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Christmas Store

What is the Christmas Store?

VRBC partners with our sister church, Cornerstone Baptist Church in south Dallas and families in the Coppell/Valley Ranch ISD to love and serve the community during the Christmas season through our annual Christmas Store. On Saturday, December 11th, approximately 180 pre-registered families representing 530 children from Coppell and Valley Ranch will pick up their wrapped gifts, a Walmart gift card, a food box, underwear, socks, and t-shirts. We’ll have a massive number of serving slots available for all of our church body. We’ll have shifts available in the morning, afternoon, and evening, and volunteers will be wrapping gifts, folding clothes, and filling the bags of gifts of each family. Now, we finally get to the big day! On December 11th, the Christmas Store will happen simultaneously at VRBC and Cornerstone. We had to make several changes last year because of Covid in the way that we used to do the Christmas Store. One of these changes is that we prepare all the bags with gifts and clothing for every single guest of our store ahead of time, whether from Cornerstone or from our local community. For our Cornerstone guests, their gift bags will be delivered to Cornerstone the day before the store. Pastor Chris Simmons and his church members will then be able to distribute the bags to their guests personally on the day of the store. This process works really well for several reasons: our friends from Cornerstone have the expertise for this kind of activity and it gives Pastor Chris, in his own words, “more time in the front end to spend with his guests.” Pastor Chris really thinks that this way of doing the store is super helpful for him and for his church. We’ll have some serve opportunities for you to help them deliver the gifts down at Cornerstone, and we’ll also have plenty of opportunities for you to serve at VRBC with our local store. For our local guests, on that day, our plan is to have them come into our church and enjoy a meal with us. We’ll have what we are calling “table hosts,” who will be seated with them, sharing some opportunities to get involved, getting to know them, and praying for them as well. Then, a volunteer will get them their gift bag.

We Need Your Help!

Beginning October 31st, you will be able to go online to volunteer at There are many areas in which to serve. This year most of the volunteer opportunities will begin right after Thanksgiving week, and on the day of the Store, December 11. Whether you enjoy gift wrapping, some heavy lifting, preparing food items, or praying with a guest, there is a volunteer spot for you!

What we hope for...

We hope that everyone who serves in this ministry, whether behind the scenes or praying with our guests will overflow with the love of Jesus. It is our prayer that those we serve will feel loved, treated with dignity, and cared for. We believe that if we are showing our guests what it’s like to be a follower of Christ, and they do not know the Lord or have a church home, they will find one at Valley Ranch Baptist Church.

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Opportunities to Serve

Wondering where to serve? Click on a volunteer opportunity below for a description and a date and time to sign up!

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