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Bible Reading Plans

One of the primary ways we grow as followers of Jesus is through reading, reflecting on, and memorizing Scripture.  The Bible is God’s Word to us, and through it, the Holy Spirit can work in our lives to make us look more and more like Jesus.  You don’t have to be a Bible scholar for this to happen – you just have to be willing to be open to what God wants to say to you through the text.  You don’t have to spend hours and hours in study for God to work in your life – start with ten or fifteen minutes a day and see what God will do!

When you read a passage of Scripture, here are some questions that can help you listen to what God might be saying to you:

  • What does this passage teach me about God?
  • What does this passage teach me about humans? (about me?)
  • What is God saying to me through this passage?
  • What am I going to do about it?

If you’re interested in reading Scripture but don’t know where to start, the Youversion app is a great resource.  It’s a free app available for iPhone or Android that contains tons of different translations of Scripture, as well as lots of reading plans.  A couple that might be good places to start are:

  • “The Comeback” by Louie Giglio.  You can find this 7-day plan by searching within the app or clicking here.
  • “My Utmost for His Highest” You can find this 30-day plan by searching within the app or clicking here.

Another great resource is  This website contains Bibles of many different translations (and languages) and the ability to search through Scripture quickly using keywords.


We are praying for you as you begin your journey of listening to God speak through His Word.  If you have questions, or would like to visit with someone about your spiritual journey, email us here.