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What We Believe


What does VRBC believe? The simplest way to answer that question is to say what the earliest Christians said in summarizing their faith: “Jesus Christ is Lord.” Another way to answer it is to say that we believe what the Bible teaches. A third way to answer it is to say that we hold to the historic teachings of Baptists, as found in the Baptist Faith and Message.

For a summary of our key beliefs, see below:


We believe that the awesome story of God and His creation is told in the Bible, which is completely true and authoritative in all areas of faith and practice.


We believe in one God, Creator of the world and everything in it. This God is infinitely perfect. We believe God eternally exists as one God in three distinct persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Each person of the Trinity is fully and completely God, sharing all of the divine attributes in perfect loving community.


We believe that God made humans to live in this world in peace and joy, sharing his love with one another, and that God paid us the highest compliment by giving us the freedom to say YES or NO to His desires. Sadly, our NO has led us down the road to alienation, self- destruction, and death.


We believe that Jesus Christ is the pre-existent Son of God (fully God) who was born to a virgin (fully human). We believe that He lived a sinless life, was crucified on a cross as a sacrifice for our sins, was buried and resurrected on the third day, and now reigns in heaven with God the Father.


We believe that all who trust in Jesus Christ alone as their Lord and Savior will receive the forgiveness of sins and the free gift of salvation.


We believe the Holy Spirit permanently fills all believers at the time of salvation and guides us in the journey to become like Christ, exposing our sinfulness, bringing us new life, filling us with God’s power, and leading us to honor and glorify Jesus.


We believe that all who follow Jesus into God’s Kingdom discover a community of fellow believers and friends that becomes their spiritual home. The purpose of the church is to continue Jesus’ work of loving all people and helping them find and follow God.  We believe that baptism signifies and celebrates being born again into God’s family. The Lord’s Supper signifies and celebrates God’s pardon and presence in our lives.


We believe that God is guiding human history according to His own perfect plan. One day, Jesus will return to earth. On that day, God will make all things new, fulfill all empty dreams, restore all broken relationships, heal all wounds, and reveal His love fully and perfectly.