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Day 2 : Tom Rutledge

Easter Egg Hunt at the Bell’s was the first time we really interacted with Valley Ranchers who were like us with young kids.  Lester and Bridget were so gracious to open up their home – and yard – many times for this event.  A feeling of belonging , shared values,  and a welcoming spirit really stood out.  We actually turned down an invitation from the Dixons to ride there together, something we had forgotten until it got brought up recently.  So glad they forgave us!   We were all in the same boat and there was an excitement at the church, which was growing.  My Dad commented, “Everyone has such energy and strong backs!” 

The second game changer was joining a Baby Sitting Co-op. This was a great way for us to get to know other couples and their families.  The kids became lifelong friends and remain so today.  For the adults, I recall “visiting” after our dates, while the kids were asleep.  This was when we all got to know one another better.  I still remember when the Murphy’s got back to our house around 1:30 am from an Amy Grant concert – man, we cleaned up that night!   When Kyle was born, we became quite popular with 3 coupons per hour being the Rutledge rate.  These are great memories — and the Rodmans, Waters, Freemans, Bradens are still VRBC members passionately following Jesus TOGETHER.