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Day 1 : Leia Spoor

Grow . . . is the best word I can use to describe what God has done with me through VRBC – from my first day here when I was 9 to my current days at 39 (and holding). While the church has had physical changes (all the way from La Petite Academy days, to meeting in schools, to office strip centers, to the west wing, to the current building), so have I (a quirky, curly haired 9 year old girl to a now a middle-aged mom of teens).  But more importantly there have been spiritual changes:

  • Being a part of the first youth group with only 3 total members – to having hundreds of members and leading a Grow Group within it.
  • Being baptized in the Auld’s pool to seeing my own children baptized (in the official baptistery of course).
  • Walking down the aisle in the west wing for my wedding to being a part of marriage groups with my husband of 17 years as we continue to focus on putting God first.

I believe GOD placed me here to GROW physically and spiritually closer to him and others. And I firmly believe GOD has even more things planned to GROW VRBC.  I can’t wait to be around for the next 30 years . . . and would love to look back and share my story at the 60th anniversary (when I’ll still be 39)!

Passionately following Jesus together means we are GROWING together.