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Day 9 : Grant Wiede

My wife Aubree was invited by a friend to check out the VRBC youth group in 2003.  I had attended for many years, but our paths never crossed since I was headed to college the same year.  Years went by without us meeting, but in 2008 we both attended the wedding of a mutual friend – the one who invited Aubree to church, Leeann Eberhardt.  We were introduced after the reception, but our shared connections didn’t click until our first date.  When I picked up Aubree, I said, “This is an odd way to start our date, but you live next door to my pastor.” She gave a wry smile and said, “He’s my pastor, too.”

Fifteen months later we stood together outside the main entrance to VRBC getting engaged, and we were married in the sanctuary the following October.  The path to our marriage all started because a friend invited another friend to church.  God has blessed our family through this church by using it as an avenue to merge two lives into one life that now includes two beautiful children.  We praise God each day that we have the type of church family that loves our girls and makes our entire family feel supported as we passionately follow Jesus together.