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Day 8 : Tony Howard

I served on the finance committee while we were building the new sanctuary. We were a growing church, yet behind budget and reeling from the dot-com bubble bursting and 9/11 terror attacks. We were trying to figure out if we should proceed. I remember God telling me, “No is the easy answer, find a way to say yes.” I’m so glad we said yes. Many times since, I’ve needed to avoid the easy answer.

 “Should I play golf with this guy who’s old enough to be my father?” I gained a friend and encourager who introduced me to his son and opened up new friendships for me. Last year I got to offer career advice to his granddaughter.

“Should I go sit by the couple who doesn’t look like me?” Every time I see my friend Pramode, he greets me with a hug.

“Should I find time to mentor a child at Tom Landry Elementary?” Now Jalen, an 11-year-old African-American boy, tells people I’m like part of his family.

Serving God with and for these diverse and disconnected people gets me out of my comfort zone. Whether the diversity has been in age or ethnicity or gender, or all of the above, I’m a better person for being here.