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Day 30 : Michael Q

I came to VRBC one Wednesday night for youth group.  I wasn’t quite sure I was allowed to, but I came back on Sunday morning.  Among these people, I found the body of Christ, believers not just professing their faith, but passionately living it.  I am proud to have called VRBC my church home for the last twenty years. 

This congregation has nurtured me every step of my journey.  Young adults ministered to me as a youth.  Older couples mentored my wife, Brooke, and I as we dated, married, and then began our family.  Youth, in turn, cared for and taught my children.  Formed in this model, Brooke and I were privileged to serve the youth, college students, and singles at VRBC, giving back a mere portion of the blessing we received. 

Now, on a week night, twenty years later and 10,000 miles away, VRBC’s mission to reach diverse and disconnected people continues as we minister to our community in Asia.  People from different faiths and several continents meet each week to break bread and hear the story of Jesus.  I tell them about a place which, for me, looks like the kingdom of God.  When you arrive there, people smile, and people hug.  They laugh and they cry with you.  The love they have goes beyond their walls, into their community, and across the world.  And, it is these people, this church, and their God that have brought us here.