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Day 3 : Mark Rountree

My family and I joined VRBC in 2000.  Since that time, the staff and the VRBC family have impacted our lives in so many powerful, positive ways.  Both of my children were baptized at VRBC.  Their young lives and faiths were shaped and strengthened by youth ministers and volunteers who poured their hearts into them.  The VRBC family has cared for us during times of illness and loss and encouraged us in times of struggle.  We have been blessed and loved well by the body of Christ at VRBC.

Yet, I personally have been most impacted during my time at VRBC through the opportunities provided to serve others.  VRBC has never been just a place to get.  It’s been a place to give.  VRBC calls its members – regularly and boldly – to love and serve others.  It’s been through various opportunities to serve – as an ABF teacher, a committee member, a Christmas Store volunteer – that I have seen first-hand VRBC live out its mission of “inviting diverse and disconnected people to passionately follow Jesus together.”  

Long before this was VRBC’s official mission statement, it was VRBC’s way of life.  For that, I am most blessed and forever grateful.