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Day 27 : Nicole Capedevila

86:12 is something that has forever been near and dear to my heart. I feel as if I grew up so much during my time in the Refuge youth group. I learned so many lessons and overcame an abundant number of barriers. From mission trips, service projects, and family groups, I learned what community and service was within a body of believers. One story I want to share is from my 8th grade mission trip in Atlanta, GA.  86:12 went to sing for an old folks home and it was such a moving experience. All the residents were singing along to hymns we sang and it was beautiful. Not only is this a touching memory, but it’s also something that has stayed with me. I am a nursing student and this semester we have been working with Alzheimer’s patients. One of my residents was having a fit and her medication wasn’t helping.  Immediately I started singing “In the Garden” and this woman’s face lit up. Soon everyone in the room was singing along to the hymn and it was such a beautiful scene. It was so awesome to see how God works even in the hearts of those who can’t even remember their own names. I feel so blessed to have grown up in a church that taught me how to serve others around me as we passionately follow Jesus together and bring His love into our unique callings.