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Day 25 : Pete Garcia

The impact that VRBC has had on my life and my family is indescribable. Growing up in church since I was 7 years old, I thought I knew what it meant to be a follower of Christ. I have been involved in all stages of the church, from attending Sunday school in the children’s department to helping in the sound booth to leading the singles’ group and everything in between. I try to live my life as a light to the world.

But in February 2015, when I faced a medical crisis that continued for two years, VRBC really showed me and my family the love, grace and support that God wants for all His children. At first it was hard to express the needs and pains our family was enduring. But as we risked doing so, support and love came in all forms – meals, cards, financial help and most of all prayer and words of encouragement that we were not alone on this journey.  Because of the love from the staff as well as others at VRBC, we know how to receive love, grace and support from fellow Christians.  And we are now able to give love, grace and support to others in need with the understanding that we are all “diverse and disconnected people that passionately follow Jesus together.” WE LOVE VRBC!