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Day 23 : Lester & Bridget Bell

After marrying and finishing school in 1981, we moved to the Dallas area and were in the middle of building our careers and our life together.  To us, life was good as we enjoyed our independence, our self-reliance, even a sense of anonymity – accountable only to ourselves.  It’s fair to say our faith was pretty far down our priority list.  We were disconnected in our faith and from church.

After moving to Valley Ranch in 1985, we received a post card saying a new church would be forming nearby and asking us to come hear the future pastor at Park Cities Baptist Church.  He invited a diverse group of people to be involved in the forming of this new church, which would be called Valley Ranch Baptist Church.  Inspired by his message, we felt God was calling us back.

The rest of the story is a beautiful journey of love, laughter, tears and faithfulness.  God has blessed us with friends and relationships that have sustained us through great times and tough times.  We have been touched deeply by the love shown by so many over these thirty years.  They have become such a vital part of who we are – and continue to love on us unconditionally.  It has been a wonderful experience to follow Jesus together – passionately.