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Day 22 : Annie Ruth

Valley Ranch Baptist Church is more than a building on Belt Line Road.  VRBC is PEOPLE – generous, joyful people that love the Lord and one another so well. Some of these people are my fellow senior girls in our Grow Group and our leaders, Sheri Dixon and Leslie Lookabaugh. We’ve come a long way in our seven years as a group. We often look back on our first year of meeting, all of us sixth graders, where the biggest challenge we faced was not knowing where to sit in the cafeteria during lunch!  The challenges certainly got tougher, but this group has helped equip us to meet them. Where once only our leaders were brave enough to pray aloud for the group, we pray aloud for each other. Where we once shied away from responding to discussion questions, we’re now leading devotionals for each other. Being a part of this group has helped us do exactly what the group is named: GROW! Growth in our faith, growth in our understanding of scripture, growth in joy, and growth in our relationships with ourselves and each other have all come about in these last seven years, and we’re continuing to grow together every meeting! We are passionately following Jesus TOGETHER and it’s a transforming experience.