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Day 21 : John Lookabaugh

When we first started attending VRBC in 2001, I could best describe all of the areas of my life as “disconnected.” This included my walk with the Lord, my marriage, my views on finances and my lack of authentic community. I was where the enemy wanted me: disconnected and seemingly without purpose.

However, God had a bigger plan in store for me. He brought men into my life through VRBC that spoke truth to me and laid the foundations for a men’s accountability group that continues to this day.  He brought Ted Bartley into my life to teach me biblical principles of finances and to disciple me through the MasterLife study. This led to the discovery of God’s gifts in my life and finding purpose in youth ministry at VRBC and in the community.

All of us are “diverse and disconnected” in some way.  I am so grateful for those at VRBC who invited me, even challenged me, to passionately follow Jesus together with them.