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Day 20 : Arnoldo Rocha

My name is Arnoldo Rocha. I’m Mexican and my family and I have been living in the United States for five years. Since the beginning, we have been attending VRBC.

All this time VRBC has been our family in the United States. Most of our friends are from VRBC and we are delighted to meet every Sunday with believers in Christ who help us to grow spiritually. Our wish is to meet and know all of you individually.

In Mexico, as a family, we used to share the Gospel once a week, sometimes in a bus stop, sometimes while walking down the street. But in Coppell we just never found the bus stops, so the fact that the church invited us to participate as facilitators in the Spanish Grow Group is a door that God opened to our family to learn and share the Bible.

My family and I love you in Jesus Christ.  Thank you for inviting us to passionately follow Jesus TOGETHER with you.