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Day 17 : Lisa Knowlton

I’d like to share a story of how opening our facilities to help host an outside Moms in Prayer International Regional Fall Kickoff in August of 2015 introduced our church and community to 2 new families to Coppell dealing with seriously ill children. Debra Rountree introduced me to Crystal Visage and Kathy Cole. These moms were seeking to connect to their new community in a way that would foster much-needed prayer support for their families. Through these relationships I found out we already had connections where God was at work.

My 6th grader had begun fall football practice, and the more I learned about Crystal’s family, I realized the enormous new 6th grader on our team was her son Blake! Her oldest son Tracen was entering 8th grade and was facing dialysis after years of renal disease. We instantly connected, and I was so honored to be able to pick them up and bring them to our youth Huddle groups on Sunday nights. They came to my two sons’ baptism that fall and they also attended Winter Weekend!  Many at VRBC have also been assisting this family through Tracen’s recent surgery and hospitalizations.

I found out Kathy Cole was the sister of our own Lisa Wells, and we had been praying for Kathy’s son, DA, for years who suffers from Spinal Muscular Atrophy. DA also began attending Huddle at our house, and I was able to get to know this amazing family of 7 who honor the Lord through their struggles and celebrations. One night Darryl, Sr. even hosted our boys’ Huddle at his iFratelli restaurant in Irving. He shared with the boys how lucky they are to have a church and leaders helping them follow Jesus through their teen years.  Through all the ups and downs of life, it is a joy to passionately follow Jesus TOGETHER with these two precious families.