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Day 16 : Sara Sims

This story dates back a few years but it is still one of the most impactful and meaningful opportunities I have experienced at VRBC. Cornerstone Baptist Church had purchased an abandoned grocery store to renovate as a new church facility. There was a need for funds to start the actual finish out of the building. Jerry and I had the privilege to work with an awesome team that birthed the idea for the Restoring Hope fundraising banquet. The banquet was a leap of faith and God kept showing up in the details (imagine that!). The icing on the cake was Ron Hall and Denver Moore (authors of Same Kind Of Different As Me) actually having one day open in their busy schedules to be our guest speakers. The Holy Spirit moved that night through fellowship, Ron’s words, Denver’s songs, and open hearts. In one evening, $250,000 was raised to further His kingdom. To this day, Chris Simmons and the people at Cornerstone Baptist Church use that refurbished Minyard’s building to Restore Hope and impact the community of South Dallas.  As sister churches, we are passionately following Jesus TOGETHER in beautiful ways.