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Day 13 : Linley McCord

It’s an impossible task to encapsulate what VRBC and its members have done for me and for my faith over the last 20 years. From Cool Choir Club to 86:12, I have seen godly men and women show me how to walk with God and live in powerful community with an emphasis on the Gospel. I learned how to serve people.

One memory distinctly sticks out for me that was formative. The summer before I went into sixth grade, I went on my first mission trip to Lima and Arequipa, Peru with my dad. Todd Szalkowski led the trip, and I remember thinking that I might want to be a missionary after that short week in South America. Thirteen years later, I’m pursuing that call and going overseas to Greece for missions.

God placed me in VRBC preschool, children’s ministry, Refuge, 86:12 groups and mission trips to form me into the woman I am today. With this foundation of love and truth behind me, I hope to spread the Gospel to the ends of the earth and be part of more groups who want to passionately follow Jesus together.