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Day 11 : Ariel Walden

I grew up in Lubbock, Texas and attended church there from middle school all the way through college. Our church had a very strong college ministry program, and I enjoyed it a lot.  But after graduation, there really wasn’t any transition from college to young adults, and I felt like I just didn’t belong there anymore. I bounced around from church to church, trying to find a place for me to fit in, but to no avail.

Three years later, I decided to move to Dallas. It was a little scary, since I didn’t know anybody there other than my boyfriend (now husband). But one of the first people to welcome me to Dallas was Jason Thomas and his family. Right away I felt accepted and felt like they were genuinely happy to have me here. I joined Jason’s Grow Group soon after that and was instantly welcomed and made to feel like part of the gang. I’m so blessed to have found such an amazing group of friends right away. Thanks to VRBC, I have people I know I can turn to when I need help, prayer, or just someone to hang around with.  I was invited, and now we are passionately following Jesus TOGETHER.