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Day 10 : Peggy McAdams

Almost twenty-two years ago, I became a member of Valley Ranch Baptist Church.  Moving from out of state, I was searching for a church home.  At Valley Ranch, I found a Bible-preaching and Bible-teaching church with friendly people.  After all these years, this is still true.  I have seen much growth in ministry and outreach.  It has been a blessing to me personally to be a part of some of these such as ESL, the Christmas Store, and the Welcome Team.

My daughter and her family are also members of VRBC.  What a joy it’s been to watch my grandchildren (the youngest being baptized at VRBC) grow and become involved in all the children and youth programs.  What an impact Valley Ranch made on their lives through annual mission trips and ministry opportunities.

Thank you Valley Ranch for thirty years of reaching out to our own backyard and across the world to bring the Good News to lost people!  May we continue to learn how to invite diverse and disconnected people to passionately follow Jesus together.