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In response to the global health crisis, VR Kids are currently meeting online only. For more information, please contact Priscila Mendes at or Karen Simmang at You can also follow us on Facebook at VR Kids.


The mission of Valley Ranch Baptist Children’s Ministry is to partner with parents to plant seeds of faith in children and grow them to become disciples of Christ.


Help parents model Christian values and disciple their children in a relationship with the Lord.

Ensure that each child leaves the classroom knowing that Jesus loves them and so do we!

Support and strengthen each child in his/her relationship with others and with God.

Help grow and develop each child’s relationship with God.

Share with each child basic Bible truths through hands-on experiences.


Our nursery is staffed by a staff of loving paid workers who provide the best care for your baby as you attend the services.


Preschoolers are active learners. Our children’s ministry enables them to explore, discover, create, and construct by involving their senses in an array of age-appropriate opportunities. Teaching from a biblically-based curriculum, we strive to develop in each child positive attitudes toward God, Jesus, the Bible, self, others, the natural world, family and church.

The preschool years are also highly productive. There is no other comparable span of life in which a person learns so fast. During this intellectually fruitful time, we begin the process of introducing children to concepts related to God. Our goal is to establish a foundation for faith upon which all of life can be built. We count it a blessing to participate in a preschooler’s spiritual growth and development. There’s nothing more rewarding than helping young children know, love, and follow Jesus Christ. But getting the message across to preschoolers can be a challenge! Preschool children aren’t ready to absorb abstract theological concepts, but they can certainly understand that Jesus loves and cares for them.

We use First Look Curriculum® for Preschool. This curriculum presents simple Bible truths in a fresh, interactive setting that capitalizes on children’s need to experience life with all their senses. With First Look Curriculum children, children discover Bible lessons in creative, active ways that capture their attention and keep them coming back for more. Each lesson is based on an important Bible story, and each lesson’s “Point” distills the Bible story into a simple, memorable Bible truth 3- and 4-year-olds can understand and experience.


First through fifth-graders know that they too are special at our church. The elementary years are vitally important in the physical, mental, and spiritual development of a child. Realizing that the home is the center of a child’s life, our ministry seeks to work hand-in-hand with parents to help them guide the spiritual growth of their children.

The Ranch & Ranch 54 is the place to be for our elementary age kids! In Luke 2:52, Jesus grew in WISDOM and stature and in FAVOR with GOD and MEN. Jesus provides a clear example of how a child should “grow up”. This passage is the foundation for what we do and what we teach in The Ranch and Ranch 54. It is our mission to disciple kids. The three basic truths kids learn in The Ranch & Ranch 54 actually encompass the key characteristics of a true disciple: 1) I need to make the wise choice; 2) I can trust God no matter what; and 3) I should treat others the way I want to be treated.