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Weekday Preschool – Upcoming Events


  • 29th               Meet the Teacher for all TTh and TWTh classes 
  • 30th               Meet the Teacher for all MWF and M~F classes


  • 3rd                 First day of Preschool for all TTh, TWTh and M~F Classes    
  • 4th                 First day of Preschool for all MWF Classes
  • 17th               Splash Day (TTh & TWTh)
  • 18th               Splash Day (MWF & M-F)


  • 2nd                Pre-K 4’s ONLY – Ancestry Day Parade – 9:10 am
  • 11th – 14th   Preschool CLOSED (CISD Closed)
  • 21st – 22nd   Lions’ Club Vision Screening
  • 24th               Lunch Bunch (T/Th, TWTh, & M-F) Cheese Pizza & Fruit $3
  • 29th               Harvest Hoedown (T/Th, TWTh & Chipmunks)
  • 30th               Harvest Hoedown (MWF, Roadrunners & Raccoons)