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Growth Intensives

What are Growth Intensives?

Six times a year, we offer Growth Intensives as a supplement to the Grow Group experience.  Growth Intensives are an opportunity for short-term, intensive engagement with a topic that will help people grow to become more like Jesus. They are focused on a wide variety of engaging subjects and are designed for people at all stages of their spiritual journey.

Some intensives meet on Sunday mornings between Grow Group semesters, while others may meet on a weeknight or weekend during a Grow Group semester. Most intensives are one-time events, although some may include opportunities for follow-up conversations. Many involve a bit of advance reading to help the participants be as prepared as possible for the conversation.

August 18th (11:00am) Growth Intensives:

HEARING GOD: Learning to Listen, led by Dr. Deirdre LaNoue

There is nothing more important to a relationship than communication.  When it comes to our relationship with God, it’s fairly easy to learn to talk to God but more challenging to learn to hear Him when He talks to you. Does God really talk to us? How do we recognize His voice? What is the role of Scripture in hearing God? What about the times when it seems God is silent no matter how hard we try to listen? Whether you have known God a short time or a long time, this discussion is for you. Communication can always be improved!

COLOSSIANS 3:1-17: A Vision for a Transforming Life, led by Don Harton

Do you ever find the Christian life complicated?  Sometimes we need a simple and clear vision of who we are in Christ and what we are meant to do as his followers.  In his letter to the church at Colossae, the Apostle Paul provides just that.  Rich in theology and application, Paul provides vision for what life with God should be and clear (though not easy) instruction on what our part is in the process.  Join us as we dive deep into these 17 verses and mine the treasure that can result in a new depth of transformed living in Christ.

Passing on the Faith: Investing in Your Kids’ Spiritual Development – a panel discussion of VRBC parents and student pastor Corey Gummelt, moderated by Marv Knox

What do you want your child to accomplish this school year? You probably have a pretty good idea about academic, emotional, social and physical goals. But what about spiritual development? Plan to attend this important discussion about how to nurture your child’s spiritual growth this fall and spring. A panel of VRBC parents and VRBC staff will lead the conversation hosted by Marv Knox, but your child’s growth hinges on you.

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