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Winter Weekend 2019

Winter Weekend 2019

Hey, what exactly is Winter Weekend?
Perhaps the most talked-about event of Refuge Student Ministries each year, Winter Weekend (WW) is a growth experience with disciple-making as our focus. Whether you have been a Christian for two months or twelve years or are perhaps just beginning to check out what following Christ is all about, WW is guaranteed to be a spiritual pillar that God can use to help you meet Him and be changed.
What does it cost to attend WW?

You can register through January 6 for $120.

Can I bring a friend to WW?
Yes! WW is always a blast, so invite a friend (or two!) to join you.  


I’m in! So, how do I register for WW?

To register, guys can CLICK HERE and girls can  CLICK HERE . Visit   to find out more about WW 2019.