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The Global Leadership Summit

The Global Leadership Summit

Would you like to be equipped by nationally recognized experts to sharpen your leadership skills and unleash your full potential to make real change in your community and world? The Global Leadership Summit is coming to VRBC August 10 and 11 and is committed to inspiring, encouraging, and equipping Christian leaders who can then transform and extend their influence for Christ throughout their community and around the globe.

Because we believe in the great value and benefit of attending the Global Leadership Summit, VRBC will pay 50% of the cost to attend the Summit for all VRBC members and guests. Cost to attend the Summit is $59.50 total, PLUS you and your guests will receive complimentary lunch, childcare, and a continuing education certificate. This is a limited time offer, so please register soon!

CLICK HERE to register using code VRBCGUEST to take advantage of VRBC’s discount pricing. See you at the Summit!