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Church Leadership Nomination

Church Leadership Nomination

The Ministry Placement Committee is now accepting nominations for the Church Leadership Candidate Group. This group will be the source of candidates for:
  • Church Council
  • Ministry Placement Committee
  • Finance/Human Resource Committee
  • Deacons

Self-nominations are a vital part of creating our Church Leadership Candidate Group. After reviewing the applicable commitment form and qualification criteria, if you are interested in serving in some capacity, please email Donna Blankenship at with your self-nomination, along with where you would like to serve (Church Council, Deacon, etc.). Additionally, if you know someone who would make a good candidate for the Church Leadership Candidate Group, please encourage them to complete the self-nomination process. Nominations should be submitted by Wednesday, October 11

The Ministry Placement Team, in conjunction with the current Deacons and Church Council, will use the self-nominations, along with nominations from Church Council, Deacons, and Grow Group Leaders, and Church Ministerial Staff, to recommend final nominees to Church Council. Church Council will use the nominees to develop a final slate for presentation to the Church Members for final approval and vote on Sunday, November 12.  

For a complete description of roles, responsibilities, and qualifications, please refer to the VRBC Bylaws at