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For some, church can be an intimidating experience. So before you walk through our doors, let us set your mind at ease: you are welcome here. Expect to be warmly greeted and count on finding ready assistance while you're here.

What to expect

What does VRBC believe? The simplest way to answer that question is to say what the earliest Christians said in summarizing their faith: “Jesus Christ is Lord.” Another way to answer it is to say that we believe what the Bible teaches. A third way to answer it is to say that we hold to the historic teachings of Baptists, as found in the 1963 Baptist Faith and Message.

What we believe

Our church leadership is comprised of three important branches: staff, church council, and deacons. Learn more about the members, roles, and responsibilities of our VRBC leadership teams.

Our staff & leadership
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    First Thursday Cornerstone Kitchen

    VRBC provides the lunch meal for Cornerstone Kitchen on the first Thursday of every month. Cooking and meal preparation starts at VRBC at 9:00 am.  Food is then…

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    Little Light Note-Writing Ministry

    HELP SPREAD THE LIGHT OF GOD’S LOVE! Do you secretly long for the days before tweets and posts, when people actually wrote messages on paper?…

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    Fourth Saturday Cornerstone Clothes Closet

    VRBC has committed to staff the Cornerstone Clothes Closet on the fourth Saturday of each month.  We clean, organize, and GPS individuals through the Cornerstone Clothes…

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